Hi! My name is Shelby, and I’m a second semester senior in college. I have a deep love for chocolate, flowers, my sweet pup Bear, and exercise/nutrition. I’m using this page to log my journey while I do a Whole 30 and all the adventures to follow.

I began Whole 30 because I woke up one day and realized I’m 21 years old, and I have no energy. I had gained the “College 20” (because honestly it’s never just a Freshman 15), I was eating processed and fast food almost every day, and I thought I needed to see a doctor for adult ADD. I realized the reason behind almost every issue is my diet, and so I made a plan to change. I’m not a person who does well with the whole “all things in moderation” philosophy. Mainly because I would “moderately” eat a whole pizza if left to my own discretion. So I found a program with hard and fast rules, and I loved it so much that I decided to share it. I hope you choose to stick around for the hilarity and tears that will (probably) ensue.

What the heck is a Whole 30? I’m glad you asked. You can find more information at this¬†link¬†here.